Best web hosting: The top web services in 2021


With the best web hosting, you can get your website online, quickly and easily, for a minimum cost. But web hosting providers aren’t always the best at explaining why you should choose their service over rival providers.  Instead, they tend to throw gaudy price banners and confusing jargon at you, seemingly in the hope that […]

Adobe Creative Cloud Pro is a game-changer for teams


Access to high-quality assets is vital for many creatives completing a vast range of projects. And if you’re part of an organisation that’s ever yearned for this to be a more seamless experience, you’re in luck as Adobe is launching a Pro Edition of its ever-popular Creative Cloud for Teams package. Created especially for businesses […]

5 Web Design Trends That Unfolded In 2021


Given all the drama, panic and fear that dominated 2020, we are seeing brands tone down their usage of color in 2021. Businesses, their customers, and the population as a whole have had to make adjustments. and may have to make even more as we prepare for what will be the new normal, whatever that new […]